Terms & Conditions

1. Reservation of Tickets

  • Reservation of tickets is accepted via telephone and over our terminal counter/ticketing office. Reservation of tickets is not available on our online website.
  • Reservation/Sales of ticket are available 45 days in advance from the intended date of travel on a daily basis.
  • Open dated ticket is not available.
  • Payment must be made for tickets reserved seven (7) days from the date of reservation otherwise the reservation will be auto released.
  • For reservation made less than seven (7) days from date of departure, payment must be made the following day otherwise the reservation will be auto released.
  • No reservation will be allowed two (2 days) before departure.
  • Payment must be made for tickets reserved seven (7) days from the date of reservation OR one (1) day before departure date whichever comes first otherwise the reservation will be auto released.

  • (Example)

    1 Januaryday of reservationReservation is valid
    2 - 7 January2nd - 7th day of reservationReservation is valid
    8 January8th day of reservationReservation auto released

  • The Management reserves the right to change the deadline for payment/collection of reserved tickets for reasons deem necessary to do so without prior notice.

2. Online Purchase

  • It is the responsibility of passengers to ensure the travelling date, time, departure/arrival terminal are correct before clicking 'Confirm' to proceed to Payment. (please refer to item #6 for Amendment Policy)

    Upon receipt of the fare payment, a confirmation code and an itinerary will be generated.
  • The currency exchange between SGD & MYR may fluctuate from time to time.
  • Currency remarks for online purchase using credit card for departure from Singapore
    • All currency exchange rate conversion is to be borne solely by passenger.
    • This online purchase portal base currency is on (RM) Ringgit Malaysia (Kindly refer to our exchange rate table)
  • Please print the online purchase confirmation slip and present it to our customer service for verification upon collection of ticket prior to departure. Should you are unable to print, kindly note down the ticket code as your reference. Strictly NO refund for any purchased ticket.
  • Online purchased ticket will be issued upon departure ONLY. Kindly approach our customer service 30 minutes before departure time to collect your ticket. Advance issuance of ticket is strictly NOT ALLOWED.

3. Validity of Ticket

  • All tickets are valid for 45 days from original date of purchase. Extension of validity is strictly not allowed.
  • The departure date of the ticket takes precedence of the ticket expiry date.
  • All tickets are valid only for the destination, time and date specified on the tickets. Passengers are responsible to ensure the travelling date, time, departure/arrival terminal are correctly issued before leaving the counter. (please refer to item #6 for Amendment Policy)
  • The Management will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or smearing of tickets. A new ticket has to be purchase should any of the above occur.
  • The Management will only be liable up to the value of the ticket(s).
  • Please keep ticket at all times during the journey for verification purposes.
  • As our system does not tag the coach ticket to the passenger's identity, each ticket has a ticket code generated by the system. There are no two (2) tickets with an identical code. Any lost ticket is still valid and carries value (until it lapse of travel date & time).
  • There is strictly no replacement for any lost/damaged/smearing of ticket. Therefore, it is essential for any passenger to produce the valid and physical ticket before boarding.

4. No Show

  • Should any passengers fail to board the coach on time or fail to board the coach by the time the coach departs; the ticket purchased will not be refunded for any reason whatsoever.
  • Once coach departed, ticket(s) are considered invalid.
  • There will be no delay or withhold the departure time or journey of the coach should passenger fail to board the coach.
  • The Management will not be liable of any loss, expense or fee incurred by passenger who fails to board the coach on time, or fails to board the coach by the time the coach departs.
  • Strictly NO boarding allowed other than the specified terminal as per ticket.

5. Child Fare

  • Children below two (2) years old may travel free of charge provided accompanied by an adult. However, no seat will be allocated.
  • Children aged above two (2) years old & below twelve (12) years old, a ticket is required and must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Child fare entitlement strictly determine based on the date of birth. Our customer service personnel reserves the right to request for passport for verification purposes.

6. Amendment of Ticket (Date/Time/Departure terminal of travel)

  • Amendment must be made minimum two (2) days prior to actual departure date.
  • Amendment will not be allowed thereafter. Tickets must be presented for endorsement at any of our terminal.
  • Travel route on ticket cannot be changed.
    (Example): Route from KUL - SIN cannot be changed to SIN - KUL & vice versa.
  • Only date and time of travel and preferred departure terminal may be changed and subject to availability.
  • Maximum of 3 times amendment are allowed.
  • Should there be a difference in fare due to amendment of upgrading a child ticket to adult ticket; an admin fee and the difference from a lower fare to a higher fare shall be borne by passenger. The difference between higher fare and a lower fare will not be refunded to passenger for whatsoever reason.

    Amendment RequestedNo. of days before DepartureCondition
    5 JanuaryDay of departureNot allowed
    4 January1 day before departureNot allowed
    3 January2 days before departure Allowed

7. Mode of Payment

  • Mode of payment for online purchase is by credit card only. We accept both, cash, NETS card (for Singapore only) and credit card for purchase of tickets at any of our terminal counter/ticketing office.
  • We only accept VISA and Mastercard

8. Policy of Carriage

  • The Management reserves the right to refuse any passenger from boarding for whatsoever reasons including:
    (i) Carrying of contraband, illegal substances, any strong pungent odour fruits/food & beverage, unruly behavior, drunkenness or any other behavior that we deem as affecting other passenger's comfort or safety. Alcohol consumption is STRICTLY prohibited onboard.
    (ii) The payment of the fare is fraudulent
    (iii) The booking of seat has been done fraudulently or unlawfully or has been purchased from an unauthorized person from the Company.
    (iv) The credit card used to make payment has been reported lost or stolen.
    (v) Passengers are deemed medically unfit to travel and may pose a health threat to other passengers on board at the absolute discretion of our company.
    (vi) Passengers are unable to produce a valid and physical ticket for the intended travelling date. The physical ticket acts as the sole legally sufficient document agreement between the Management and ticket holder.
    (vii) Passenger fail to arrive on time to board the coach before the scheduled departure time or fail to board the coach by the time the coach departs.
  • Passengers are to present with the valid ticket upon check in at our counter 30 minutes before departure time.
  • Driver reserves the right to check passenger ticket butt whenever necessary.
  • Proof of purchase, itinerary, confirmation slip does not entitle any passenger to board the coach. The Management is not liable if passenger fail to board the coach by the time the coach departs.
  • Children below twelve (12) years old will not be allowed to board the coach unless they are accompanied by an adult.
  • The coach will make one (1) rest stop at a RSA (Rest & Service Area) for a 20 minutes duration. It is the responsibility of the passenger(s) to re-board the coach within the stipulated duration; failing which the coach will continue the journey.
  • Our coach driver may decide not to stop at the Rest Area due to rain or when the trip is delayed due to heavy traffic.
  • Passenger(s) are responsible to ensure that all necessary travel documents (valid passport, visa and /or identification card & etc) are carried with them for the journey. Should any passenger(s) being held up at the Immigration Checkpoint (entry/exit) the Management reserves the right to continue the journey and not be held liable for any consequences, losses/costs incurred.
  • The coach will wait for a maximum of one (1) hour from time of arrival at Customs / Immigration Checkpoint. Thereafter the coach will depart to continue the rest of the journey with 80% passengers onboard unless instructed by any of the Immigration Officer otherwise.
  • Should passenger(s) failed to re-board the designated coach, the management reserves the right to transfer passenger(s) to board the next available coach subject to seats availability; the alighting terminal may vary.
  • Subject to the traffic conditions as well as the time taken for clearance at both Malaysia and Singapore Immigration & Customs Checkpoints, at most time, the journey to and from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur will take approximately 6 hours.
  • Reschedule/Substitution. The management reserves the right to reschedule, cancel, delay any trip and substitute other coaches for reasons deem necessary to do so without prior notice.

9. Refund Policy

  • Condition for refund. Refund is allowed when passenger(s) is
    (i) Unable to produce the ticket upon check in
    (ii) Purchase the new ticket for the same seat/time/date
    (iii) Produce the misplaced/unused original ticket within (7) seven days from the departure date.
  • Refund requisition and submission can be completed in any of our terminal. Submission will be accepted provided:
    (i) Unused original ticket & utilised ticket butt with identical departure seat/time/date/route are attached.
    (ii) A copy of passport/identity card attached (applicable to those who does not have a Malaysia bank account).
    (iii) Refund request with all necessary attachments are submitted within seven (7) days from departure date.
  • New tickets will be issued upon departure only. Request for advance issuance STRICTLY NOT permitted. Tickets issued must be the same as the original travelling seat/date/time/route.
  • All refund will be in (RM) Ringgit Malaysia.
  • Refund will be based on (RM) Ringgit Malaysia published fare less service charge.

10. Video On Demand (VOD)

  • The video on Demand (VOD) is a complimentary feature and is provided free of charge. When provided, the Company shall not be responsible for the quality, suitability and availability of the sound, picture or contents of the entertainment offered in the VOD. In order to enjoy the above facility, a headphone is necessary.
  • Headphones are available for sale at the respective terminal counter.
  • Should the headphone be found faulty, a new set will be replaced on the following conditions :
    (i) The headphone must be tested & checked by our staff
    (ii) Replacements are only allowed on the same day of purchase.
    (iii) Proof of purchase must be presented.
  • Please note that purchase of headphone is not compulsory, passengers are allowed to use their personal compatible headphone with standard mini plug.

11. Customs Notices

  • Foreign visitors arriving Malaysia / Singapore are required to fill up the Embarkation / Disembarkation Card before departure.
  • All passengers are required to carry along ALL their luggage and belongings at the respective inbound Customs Checkpoints. Drivers are not responsible for any of the belongings left behind by passengers.
  • Passengers are reminded not to carry goods on behalf of others. Should such goods contain dutiable, prohibited or are controlled items, the passenger will be held fully responsible. Under the Malaysia and Singapore Law, illegal importation of controlled drugs such as heroin or morphine will be pleaded death penalty.
  • Duty Free Allowance : The import of dutiable goods are subject to the payment of duties and Goods & Services Tax whilst the import of all other goods are only subject to payment of Goods & Services Tax. The dutiable items are intoxicating liquors, cigarettes and other tobacco products, motor vehicles including motor cycles / scooters and gasoline.
  • There is no duty free allowance on any intoxicating liquor, cigarettes and other tobacco products.
  • Prohibited Liquors and Cigarettes : Intoxicating liquors and cigarettes marked with "SINGAPORE DUTY NOT PAID" on labels, cartons or packets are not allowed to be brought into Singapore. Cigarettes with the prefix "E" printed on the packets are also not allowed to be brought into Singapore.
  • Controlled Goods : Some items may require import license or authorisation from the relevant controlling authority for entries to Singapore.
Passengers are able to find more related information at www.customs.gov.my

Passengers are able to find more related information at www.customs.gov.sg

Disclaimers :
While we attempt to take care of passenger(s) check in luggage, the risk of loss or damage of the check in luggage remains with passenger(s). We strongly advised customer against placing any item that is heat sensitive, fragile, perishable or valuable in the luggage compartment.

Passenger(s) are responsible to ensure their luggage (and its contents) is secured and safe during its placement in the luggage compartment or anywhere else on board on our coach.

We are not responsible for any loss of passenger(s) luggage or belongings on board the coach or in the luggage compartment.

All Lost & Found items will be kept in the respective terminal for a maximum duration of six (6) months, thereafter items will be disposed except for perishable good and/or items with bad odour which will be disposed immediately.

Our driver will unload passenger luggage at the immigration & Customs Checkpoints and upon arrival. Please take care of your belongings at all the time and kindly stand by during the unloading to claim your luggage and to prevent your luggage from being claimed by a third party.

At the immigration & Customs Checkpoints, passenger is required to carry the luggage from the coach to the checkpoints and back to the coach. Kindly ensure that your luggage is loaded into our luggage compartment. We will not be held responsible for any luggage left behind at any of the checkpoints.